Wacky Bitches

Hi guys!

We’re Cath and Lizzy or just WackyBitches ^^ We‘re from the Czech Republic. British accent ( mostly we are obsessed with British men :D )
We are huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Levi and Meryl Streep.

We love serials like Chuck, Sherlock and we are big shipper of Johnlock and Charah. Also we love Castle ( Caskett), StarGate, Doctor who, Once upon a time, Game of Thrones, Merlin,HIMYM, TBBT, American Horror Story, Roswell, Arrow, Beauty and the beast, True blood, The White Queen, Grimm, Sanctuary, Terra Nova , Legend of the seeker, Leverage, Friends, … Etc ….

We are obsessed with movie like Tangled, Epic, The Hobbit, Mamma Mia!, Mr.&Mrs. Smith, How to train your dragon, Ice Age, Bridget Jones‘s diary,Iron Man, Thor,Green Lantern, Actually love,Nothing hill, The Notebook, Life as we know it, Easy A … and much more .
We are love to make anything in Photoshop or Sony Vegas.

Your WackyBitches ♥

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And the madman himself? He’s fascinating. Arrogant, imperious, pompous. He’s not safe, I know that much.
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Gabriel Aubrey for Hugo Boss.

For Heels…please. There is absolutely no comparison.
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